Taco de adobada from Las Brasas in Tijuana, good enough to take another bite?

Chef Danny Betancourt tried the chorizo, asada and adobada taco, here's how he rated the latter.

Taqueria Las Brasas, located at 10941 El Rosario Blvd. in Porticos de San Antonio in Santa Fe, was visited by chef Danny Betancourt, as part of our section Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana.

Among the tacos Danny tried were the Spanish chorizo, asada and adobada tacos, which are priced at $23 pesos each; and since the latter is one of his favorite tacos, let's see what he thought of it and if he considers it the best of this taqueria or not.

Spanish chorizo taco
"It has grilled chorizo, guacamolito, cilantro, onion, and a chile de arbol sauce with tomato; which they say is very spicy. The tortilla is freshly made, quite plump and grilled," explained Danny.

Upon taking the first bite, the chef recognized the good taste of the chorizo as it was light and could be eaten even without a tortilla, so he gave it a rating of 7.7.

Asada Taco
According to Danny, this taco is also made with handmade tortilla and the same ingredients, and although the meat was thin, it had good flavor and was very juicy; rating it with an 8.5.

Something that stood out on this occasion, besides the fact that the sauce was spicy, is that the guacamole felt very liquid, similar to a dressing.

Adobada Taco
"Things change here", said at first glance our companion, who mentioned that the taco was made with "commercial tortilla", yellow corn and small. At the same time, he commented that the meat had no color, which he considers that when it has color it is because it will be good.

And as it is, when he tasted it, he confirmed that the meat had a lot of fat, was not browned and therefore had to be chewed for a longer time. "Unfortunately this is not the best taco of them, and we are going to give it a 2.5", said the chef.

If you want to check out what the chef had to say about the tacos at this place in Tijuana, you can visit them from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


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