Try the most exotic taco at Piedra Santa in Tijuana

Chef Betancourt discovered tacos made from Oaxacan gastronomy during his visit to this place.

Danny Betancourt, chef and host of our section, Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, gave a twist to his tour of the city's taquerias by visiting Piedra Santa Restaurant.

This place located on Revolucion Avenue in downtown Tijuana, offers Oaxacan cuisine with products from that same region, so these tacos were a delight for Danny.

Find out the three tacos he tried, among them the most exotic of this restaurant, and each taco´s rating given by the chef.

Shrimp Taco
It is made with blue corn tortilla, which is thick, it also has cheese, avocado, chiltepin sauce, and battered shrimp.

Upon taking the second bite, Danny gave his rating for this taco, which was 8.8.

Shrimp and octopus taco
With a very good presentation, clean and craveable, at first sight it delighted the chef.

How was it prepared? Like the previous one, it is made of blue corn tortilla, with shrimp, grilled octopus, red onion, guacamole, roasted red bell pepper and fried onion.

"Oh my god, how delicious, my god", expressed our friend when he took the first bite, concluding that it deserves a 9.1 rating.

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Grasshopper Taco
According to Piedra Santa members, this is their most exotic taco.

With a simple appearance, made with a blue tortilla, a guacamole base and a layer of grasshoppers, Danny said it was "very tasty" since chapulines are prepared with some ingredients such as salt, sugar or chili powder.

However, it received a rating of 8.5, since it is a difficult taco to find in the city, commented the chef.

Have you tried this taco and what do you think of the chef's rating?


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