A $15 peso adobada taco at this Tijuana taqueria left us delighted.

Despite the type of tortilla they use, Taqueria Marcos left chef Betancourt wanting more.

Photo by: Carlos Osuna

In one more adventure of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, chef Danny Betancourt visited Taqueria Marcos, located on the corner of La Paz on Panamericano Avenue, in this city.

Since the adobada tacos are one of the most popular at this taqueria, Danny took the opportunity to taste and rate them. While there, he also took a bite of the suadero taco. Find out how he did:

Taco de adobada

For $15 pesos this adobada taco delighted the chef, who emphasized that its meat (as it should be) makes it special.

It is worth mentioning that at first sight neither the sauce nor the guacamole were to Danny's liking, in addition to the fact that the tortilla was from a packet, however everything changed with the first bite:

"Since I saw the color of that meat in the little rotating spot and I saw that browning on the outside meat, I said: that meat has flavor, and indeed, I was not wrong, it has a lot of flavor in the marinated meat," he said.

This is how this adobada told the rest of the ingredients "get out of the way, I'm coming". And it received an 8.8 rating from the chef.

Suadero Taco

This taco was the one most recommended to Danny, and it is priced at $20 pesos. It is made up of a tortilla, cilantro, onion, golden brown suadero and green sauce; it is also a good size, according to Chef Betancourt.

After the first bite, the spiciness of the sauce left him speechless, but he said it was "very good" since it did have flavor, compared to other taquerias.

To give his rating, Danny took another bite and confirmed that it tasted good, including the tortilla; so in the end he gave it a score of 8.6.


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