On Wednesday, second doses will be administered in Tijuana only to these adults.

Adults over 60 years of age are asked to go to the same vaccination point where they received their first dose

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de Secretaría de Salud de Baja California y Saira Peñaloza

After 21 days since the application of their first dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, adults over 60 years of age residing in Tijuana will be able to receive their second dose this Wednesday, April 21, informed the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico.

On the other hand, Tijuana residents of the same age range, but who received the Sinovac vaccine, will be able to receive the booster until Saturday, April 24, since the recommended 28 days after the first dose have not yet been completed.

The vaccination points that will be set up on Wednesday for adults who were vaccinated with Pfizer, will be: Chevron Stadium (Toros Stadium), the Autonomous University of Baja California (Otay campus), Lazaro Cardenas Federal High School, and the Technological University of Tijuana (UTT). All available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., said Perez Rico.

He also asked this population to go to the same place where they received their first dose, in order to receive their corresponding dose, and recommended them to bring their registration form that was given to them the first time after receiving the antidote.

The head of this agency also urged adults not to go to Rosarito for their second dose, where the vaccination begins today, if their first application was in Tijuana.

Although, knowing that there were some Tijuana residents who received their first dose in Rosarito, Perez Rico said that they should go to Rosarito for their booster. On the other hand, regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, it is expected to arrive in Baja California on Wednesday, so that between Thursday and Friday the vaccination of second doses would begin in the Mexicali Valley and San Quintin.

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