Baja California already sees signs of third wave of infections: Secretariat of Health

Suspicious cases show upward trends, these are testing positive for COVID-19

So far in the pandemic, in Baja California, 100 thousand 300 people have been laboratory tested for COVID-19, of which, as of today, 46 thousand 580 have tested positive, and 7 thousand 933 have lost their lives.

However, this sanitary crisis is not over yet, and health authorities have warned that the third wave of infections is expected to arrive in this State at the end of April and beginning of May. Although, this morning the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, commented that there are already signs of this wave.

"Right now we are seeing the signs of the third wave in our territory, we want to regulate it, we want to control it, so that when the third wave arrives it will not be that huge, horrible peak," he said during his daily report.

According to Perez Rico, the suspected cases show upward trends, and even patients are currently arriving who claim to have started with symptoms between April 15 and 17, days in which at the time only "an epidemiological silence" was detected.

Unfortunately, the curve of suspicious Baja Californian cases is going upwards, since they are showing the COVID-19 syndrome, and "those are coming out positive", mentioned the Secretary.

At the same time, he assured that this not only means an increase in confirmed cases, but also in the number of hospitalized and intubated people, as well as in the number of people who lose their lives. "It is a sequence", he said, and added that this is related to the increase of consultations in fever clinics or respiratory modules. Baja California still registers 322 active cases this Wednesday, of which 156 are located in Mexicali, 120 in Tijuana, 27 in Ensenada, six in San Felipe, six in Tecate, four in San Quintin and three in Rosarito.

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