COVID-19 incidence in Mexicali three times higher than in San Diego

The capital of Baja California is where the virus is being transmitted the fastest in the state

Mexicali worries Baja California health authorities, foreseeing that it will be the epicenter of the third wave of COVID-19 predicted for this region. The State capital registered 202 active cases out of the 315 located in the State this Tuesday, while the largest municipality, Tijuana, reported 86.

Regarding the incidence of active cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, Mexicali leads the state list with 18.82, which is four times higher than that of Tijuana, registered at 4.72.

Even in comparison with some localities in California in the United States, such as Imperial and San Diego, the incidence in the Mexicali territory is higher, with an incidence of 11 and 4.80, respectively.

So far in this health crisis, Baja California has accumulated 47 thousand 535 positive cases of COVID-19, of which 18 thousand and 45 belong to Mexicali, followed by Tijuana with 17 thousand 296. And although of the 7 thousand 968 deaths, 3 thousand 577 occurred in Tijuana, only 2 thousand 952 more were reported in Mexicali.

In addition to this, the pandemic is not over yet and Mexicali is where the virus is transmitted the fastest, having an Effective Reproduction Rate of 1.27, which means that one person with coronavirus can infect two more.

In view of this, the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico said: "far from releasing restrictions in Mexicali, we have to increase them, we have to protect ourselves. If the third wave is set off in the región of Baja California, it will be in Mexicali the heart of the epicenter".

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