There will be no COVID traffic light per municipality in Baja California: Alonso Pérez Rico clarifies

As of last Thursday, Mexicali changed to orange traffic light, while the rest of the municipalities remain yellow

After last Thursday, for the first time in Baja California, the epidemiological traffic light chart was divided by COVID-19, when Mexicali went to orange while the rest of the municipalities remained in yellow, doubts arose as to how this pattern would be handled.

However, the Secretary of Health in the State, Alonso Pérez Rico, clarified that the traffic light "will not be by municipality", and that just as has been done, each week the state traffic light will be reported and, on this occasion, that of Mexicali.

"We had to make this distinction in Mexicali because there was a notable difference in incidence, active cases, and effective reproduction rate," he said this Friday in his daily COVID-19 report.

According to the head of this agency, the plan is for the capital of the state to return to the yellow traffic light, "and eventually we will all go to green".

He also assured that if this decision had not been taken, Mexicali would have continued to increase its cases and the entire state would have gone to orange.

"We don't need you to come and tell us what to do in Mexicali. You know what to do, you have achieved it, achieve it now," he concluded.

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