Baja California awakens with close to 500 active COVID-19 cases

Authorities assured that if in 10 days the upward trend in Mexicali is not broken, activities will be closed down

According to the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, the current situation in Baja California, where Mexicali continues to increase its cases of COVID-19, and gradually also Tijuana, is the same that was observed when the second wave of infections began in the State.

This Saturday, Baja Californians started the day with 497 active cases, when 30 days ago there were 359. Of the total, 412 are ambulatory, 49 are hospitalized and 36 are in need of a ventilator in a hospital in the region.

Most of the active cases are located in Mexicali with 333, followed by Tijuana with 132, Ensenada with 16, Rosarito with eight, San Felipe with four, Tecate with three and San Quintin with one.

The Mexicali territory remains in ninth position in the top 20 municipalities with the most active cases in the country. It also has the highest incidence of cases at the state level, at 31.24, while in Tijuana it is 7.24, in Rosarito 7.12, in Ensenada 3.09 and in Tecate 2.56.

"Right now we have to unite to avoid going under the orange and red light. For Mexicali, the next option, as we had told you, since restrictions were initiated, if in 10 days the tendency is not broken,activities will be closed and there will be no decrease in capacity", assured the head of this agency.

As reported by Pérez Rico, in the last 24 hours 63 new cases were registered, of which 49 belong to the State capital, 10 to Tijuana, three to Ensenada and one to Rosarito. Regarding the people who died and joined the list in these hours, three occurred in Mexicali, three in the port of Ensenada and one more in the city of Tijuana.

This brings the number of Baja Californians infected by COVID-19 so far in the pandemic to 48 thousand 151, and the number of deaths to 8 thousand and 63.

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