Elections 2021: Tijuana will have no "Ley Seca" (the prohibition of selling alcohol) this Sunday

Authorities ask Tijuana residents for respect and civility so that people can cast their vote

As is well known, during election season, several states and municipalities in Mexico decide to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages for at least one day, also known as "Ley Seca", in order to maintain a healthy environment without violence or disturbances during the election day.

For this year, Tijuana had not informed whether or not this law will be applied this Sunday, June 6, date in which elections for governor and mayors of the different municipalities of Baja California will be held; however, this Friday the city council confirmed that there will be no "Ley Seca".

In view of this, authorities urged the population to conduct themselves with civility and respect the right of Tijuanans to cast their vote at all times.

In addition, they pointed out that they will count with the support of the Secretariat of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection to verify that the process is carried out in an orderly and peaceful manner for the benefit of the full democratic exercise.

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