Vaccination: registration enabled for Baja Californians 18 years of age and older

This could mean that the vaccine for this age group is about to arrive, said the Secretary of Health

If you live in Baja California and you are between 18 and 39 years of age, you can already register to receive the vaccine against COVID-19, informed this morning the head of the Secretariat of Health of this State, Alonso Pérez Rico.

Before enabling this platform for this group of people, he said: "whenever we enable the platform for a group it is because the vaccine for that group is already available".

He also mentioned that this will help to start planning the vaccination processes for this population, as he said that it is not the same to vaccinate young people as it is to vaccinate older adults.

That is why it is even foreseen that the vaccination will be carried out in other places, such as stadiums and larger open spaces, this for a greater capacity of people.

As it will be recalled, the vaccine that is expected to be applied is the one sent by the United States, Johnson & Johnson; however, Pérez Rico said that since it is an open registry, and not specifically for the vaccine of that pharmaceutical company, once that drug is finished, it will be applied from the vaccine that is available.

Yesterday, state authorities mentioned that the vaccine provided by the neighboring country could arrive in Baja California this Wednesday, but this has not yet been confirmed, so we invite you to follow the official means of the Secretariat of Health of Baja California.

To register go to

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