Rescue of puppies that fell into sinkhole in Puebla

Spay and Spikey, as the dogs were named, have already been rescued and are under the care of the Animal Welfare Institute.

Photo by: Gobierno de Puebla Twitter

Citizens of Puebla joined together to ask the state government to collaborate in the rescue of a pair of puppies that fell into the sinkhole that occurred in the town of Santa María Zacatepec on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 9.

After the many requests of the inhabitants to help the dogs, elements of Civil Protection went to the place of the incident and tried to get them to climb up with the help of a fence, the third option considered by the government administration to help them.

The brigade members tried to rescue the pair of dogs on two occasions, but the rain that fell in the area forced them to temporarily stop their work for almost an hour, but after the bad weather passed, they were able to successfully assist the dogs without any mishap.

Members of the General Coordination of Civil Protection of the State (CGPCE) and the State Fire Department participated in the rescue. After finishing their work, they consigned the dogs to the Animal Welfare Institute (IBA) for the respective veterinary evaluation and to verify that they were in good health.

Spay and Spike, as the dogs were named, had fallen on Monday, June 7, into the huge hole that was formed in one of the areas dedicated to farming in the state of Puebla, spending more than 72 hours in it, until their rescue happened around 7 p.m. (local time) this Thursday, June 10.

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