Baja California has a higher percentage and rate of vaccination than California: Secretariat of Health (SSa)

Authorities assured that the goal is to achieve that more than 80% of Baja Californians are vaccinated

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Currently 2 million 617 thousand 909 people in Baja California have received at least one dose of any of the vaccines against COVID-19, which represents 97.11% of the population; while one million 826 thousand 865 already have their complete vaccination schedule, equivalent to 67.77%, according to the last report presented by the head of the Baja California Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico.

And although, according to the Secretary, it is impossible to reach 100% of the vaccinated population due to the fact that there are those who refused to be vaccinated or because there are those who traveled to the United States for their dose, which have been difficult to officially count; he assured that the goal is to achieve that more than 80% of Baja Californians are vaccinated.

"If we are above 80% we will be one of the most vaccinated populations in the world, so that is what we want to achieve here in Baja California".

It is worth mentioning that this Wednesday afternoon a new shipment of Pfizer and Sinovac vaccines is expected to arrive in the state to be applied as second doses, which is expected to increase the percentage of fully vaccinated people.

On the other hand, Pérez Rico assured that to date Baja California has a higher percentage and vaccination rate than California, United States.

In spite of this, which allows us to have less cases in moderate or severe modalities (hospitalizations and deaths), he emphasized that "we are not at the moment to release the protection measures", since we must think and protect those who are not vaccinated for some reason or another.

"You can make another unvaccinated person sick and that person can develop moderate or severe disease, so we all have to take care of ourselves," he said.

At the same time, Baja California municipalities have the highest incidence of COVID-19 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, compared to neighboring counties such as Yuma, Imperial and San Diego.

In Baja California there are still 354 active cases, of which 278 are ambulatory and 76 are hospitalized. Of the total, 148 are located in Mexicali, 114 in Tijuana, 62 in Ensenada, 12 in Tecate, eight in San Quintin, seven in Rosarito and three in San Felipe.

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