These pizzas in Tijuana are the best rated in the city

By making a consensus of positive reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google we came up with this top 7

When it comes to fast food, Mexico holds the second place in pizza consumption worldwide, which is why this craving has become so popular. Ordering a family pepperoni on the weekends to watch a movie or choosing it as the main dish at a party, has made at least every Mexican, of the 127.6 million that we are, eat a whole pizza a year.

Our city, being one of the capitals of craft beer, could not be left behind with a perfect pizza pairing, so today we share with you a top 7 of the best pizzas in Tijuana.

To make the list we consulted 3 different sources: Google's list of consumer ratings, Yelp and Tripadvisor; rescuing the places that were mentioned most frequently and have the most positive ratings.


Being a classic Italian restaurant born in the city and with several branches, Giuseppis earns a place among people's favorite pizzas. The crispy consistency with high quality ingredients and great taste give it a very particular distinction. Over the years, gatherings at this place have become a tradition because the pastas and salads go perfectly with a slice of pizza.

Oven 320

Thin and crunchy dough, exquisite texture and combinations of ingredients that stand out for their exceptional flavor, give Horno 320 a well-earned place. Excessively chewy cheese and a shortage of sauce are some areas for improvement, but fast service, delicious sauces and a pleasant atmosphere add convenience and value.

Tony's Pizza

If you're looking for a true taste of Manhattan, Tony's Pizza is the perfect place to experience it. Its large slices that can be folded New York style and eaten as a taco, as well as its incredible taste have placed it among the favorites of tourists and visitors to the city. We recommend trying the classic pepperoni pizza or the Margarita pizza.


Yes, we know, it is not a restaurant as such, but this wholesale store with a cafeteria outside has become famous for its pizzas, which apart from being large, economical and ideal for large gatherings, are juicy and with good ingredients. The meat pizza with green bell pepper is a favorite of club members.

Gianluca Ristorante Pizzeria

This family-run restaurant stands out for its thin crust, lots of cheese and a flavorful marinara sauce. Fresh out of the oven and straight to your table, it chooses to add shrimp, basil and even mussels to its creations on pizzas whose peculiarity is to have slightly burnt edges. Diners also highlight the service and facilities.

Pizzas del Pacífico

Large portions and pizzas stuffed with delicious ingredients have been the main attribute of this place located in Playas de Tijuana. Its fluffy dough, consistent texture and a view close to the sea, serve as the perfect pizza elements to go out with your date or have a great time with friends. Among their specialties we find the tuna pizza, garlic chicken or the Italian supreme with white or ranch sauce.


Making a consensus of the opinions on the reviews sites, Hornero has taken the first place in terms of number of positive ratings.

Cooked in a stone oven, their pizzas are a unique creation. Highlights include arrachera, marlin, shrimp enchilados, buffalo chicken, pesto, mole, cochinita pibil or arugula pizzeta with pear and Roquefort cheese. The exquisiteness of a thin consistency with an unparalleled flavor in each bite has made Hornero the ideal choice for a gourmet meal with family, friends or your partner on a special occasion.

What other pizzas do you recommend in the city?

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