Baja California

Tijuana's gastronomy revolutionizes the flavor of the kitchen

Specialists call Tijuana's gastronomy a culinary art of worldwide excellence

The celebrations in honor of Tijuana's 132nd birthday continue and during the week of "Gastronomic Pride" the cuisine of the municipality has been recognized on more than one occasion for the cultural contribution it generates at a national level, causing a gastronomic revolution.

The event was attended by different exponents, such as the director of the School of Gastronomy of the UABC, Martha Lobo Rodríguez; the teacher of the Institute of Gastronomy of Baja California, Carmen Gutiérrez; the representative of UNUS University, Chris Quiroz, as well as educational institutions that offer a degree in Gastronomy.

At the same time, proud Tijuana chefs, Martín Guerrero and Ruffo Ibarra were present. The former, creator of the BajaMed concept, and the latter of CaliBaja. Both spoke about the city's gastronomy through two perspectives: education and culinary art as an industry of worldwide excellence.

According to the specialists, Tijuana's gastronomy is a culinary art of world excellence, a cultural contribution from those who already live here, as well as from those who arrive and enrich the city with a different vision, thanks to their different ways of cooking or their flavors that, when combined, create a particular taste.

VIDEO: Ceremony for the celebration of Tijuana's 132nd Anniversary


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