U.S.-Mexico border unlikely to reopen on July 21

The PedWest border crossing will remain closed due to the migrant settlement located in El Chaparral

Photo by: Garita de San Ysidro - Tijuana Facebook

According to the Tijuana Development Council (CDT), it has been reported that the increase in coronavirus infections reported in Mexico and the United States could completely change the strategy for the border reopening, which was rumored to be contemplated for the end of July 2021.

What is clear is that the border reopening will be gradual and according to the CDT's speculation, the restrictive measures will be eliminated for Sentri visa users, then for the Ready Lane and finally for those with general visas.

It was also reported that the PedWest checkpoint will remain closed due to the migrant settlement located in El Chaparral, since U.S. Customs does not have the necessary personnel to handle the flow of people and pre-pandemic vehicles.

Reportedly, many officers resigned during the pandemic to avoid exposure to COVID-19 and 25% of those active are dedicated to the Central American migrant issue.

On the other hand, the CBP officer academy was closed for more than a year and has only been reopened for two months, so there are no candidates for the hiring of new officers. This will generate long lines when the checkpoints open, even longer than those reported in the days before and during the pandemic.

So far, neither U.S. nor Mexican authorities have provided a monthly update on the status of the border. However, it will be released at any moment. Border citizens remain hopeful that this month will be the month of reopening.

VIDEO: U.S. Consulate: restrictions extended until July 21


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