U.S.-Mexico Border Closure Confirmed for Another Month

Non-essential crossings could be approved until August if there are no delays

The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported a new extension of the restriction on non-essential border crossings from Mexico into the United States today.

Through a publication the SRE said that the U.S. government has made the decision to extend the partial border closure for another month, so if there are no delays again, the crossing will resume for everyone until August 21.

"Mexico will continue with the bilateral dialogue and reiterates that the accelerated pace of vaccination against COVID-19 at the border generates conditions to advance in mutual benefit," they wrote on Twitter.

With the above, it has been 16 months since the border restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic that rebounded more strongly worldwide in March 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities will keep the border open to commerce and to people attending school, work or medical appointments in the U.S.

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