United States will donate vaccine directly to Baja California

It will be the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, of which at least 5 thousand have already been confirmed

Photo by: Jurisdicción de Servicios de Salud de Tijuana

"We are going to receive a donation directly from the United States to the state of Baja California to continue with the efforts to vaccinate our population for the first time".

This was mentioned this morning by the head of the Secretary of Health in the State, Alonso Pérez Rico, before starting his daily report on COVID-19.

This is part of a pilot project between the U.S. and state authorities, said the Secretary, who added that in this first phase the donated vaccine will be Johnson & Johnson, which will be destined to people over 18 years old who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 for the first time and who live in the valley area of Baja California, that is, Mexicali, the Mexicali Valley and San Felipe.

"We are waiting to do the same mechanisms in the coastal area: Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito; for the time being, everything is being programmed to be done in the valley, specifically in the city of Mexicali".

Although he commented that everything is still to be finalized, he added that 5 thousand J&J vaccines have already been confirmed, while another 10 thousand will be confirmed next week. "Surely close to 15 thousand vaccines will enter our territory."

The vaccination points and operation schedules will be announced once these doses arrive in the State, and at least 15 thousand are expected to be applied in one day.

"So, 15 thousand J&J, Pfizer 5 thousand", he mentioned about the vaccines, before concluding.

Finally, the Secretary of Health said that this is the result of the different steps that have been taken for some time regarding the purchase or donation of vaccines, such as the vaccination at PedWest.

"Now we are seeing with the state of California, they are the ones who are not facilitating everything for this to become a reality".

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