Baja California

Mexicali and Tijuana occupy first place in active cases in Baja California

Increased number of cases is due to unvaccinated people, assured the Secretary of Health

Baja California's two largest municipalities, Tijuana and Mexicali, now have the same number of active COVID-19 cases, placing both at the top of the list at the state level. According to Thursday's report by the Secretariat of Health, of the 426 active cases registered in the State, Tijuana and Mexicali accumulate a total of 154 cases each.

In spite of this, Ensenada has the highest incidence of such cases, at 16.36, while in Mexicali it is 14.37 and in Tijuana 8.45. On the other hand, from yesterday to today there were 69 new cases of coronavirus, 34 of which were reported in Tijuana, 23 in the State capital, 11 in Ensenada, and one in Rosarito.

"We are still in green, but the green color is not so solid, we are increasing the cases; not to the exponential degree as other states are doing, but we are increasing the cases; especially in those who are not vaccinated, in those who end up in the hospitals. To the unvaccinated we say now: stay at home," said the head of this agency, Alonso Pérez Rico.

According to what was presented, of the 33 patients who are currently intubated in the entity due to this disease, 30 are not vaccinated, while two have their complete vaccination schedule and another one is incomplete. Pérez Rico also commented that the number of people visiting the clinics due to COVID-19 symptoms is increasing.

"Every 7 to 10 days there is an increase in the number of patients who go and say: I have symptoms", however, in Baja California the positivity rate has not increased, since it remains below 20%, he assured.

Currently Tijuana is the second municipality, after Ensenada, where the virus is reproducing the most, having an Effective Reproduction Rate of 1.16 and with increasing tendencies.

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