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San Ysidro merchants seek to save business; 95% of their customers were Mexicans

San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce says it is working on a recovery plan

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The announcement of a month without transit to the United States was bad news for Mexican tourists who used to cross the border for non-essential reasons. However, the announcement was worse for businesses in the San Ysidro border strip who have been without their biggest customers for more than a year.

After the news of the extension of the restrictions was released 10 News, a local San Diego newspaper, reported on the concern of these businesses, who stated that they will not be able to survive if the border is not reopened. Some of these businesses are more than 20 years old and if they do not receive assistance, they will have to close their doors.

Because of the above, the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce has decided to take control and try to sustain these businesses that are paralyzed, since 95% of their clients were Mexican tourists, who currently cannot cross the border for no essential reason.

The Chamber says it is working on a recovery plan to be used while deciding whether to reopen the border: the plan is called "A San Ysidro Optimized, Simplified, Quantified and Beautified".

This will consist of creating a network for San Ysidro Boulevard, and helping these businesses so that their products can be sold online, as well as physically increasing their street cleaning program and increasing green areas to beautify San Ysidro Boulevard and attract local tourism.

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