27 swap meet businesses sanctioned for failing to comply with sanitary protocols in Tijuana

Inspection operations are reinforced to mitigate COVID-19 infections

The Tijuana City Hall and the Inspection and Verification Department were in charge of inspecting swap meet stalls in swap meets to make sure they were complying with the sanitary measures imposed by the Secretariat of Health to face COVID-19. After the inspection day, it was revealed that 27 businesses were penalized for not complying with health standards.

The wellbeing and health of the citizens is a priority of the municipal president, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, and for this reason, it is necessary to continue with the health guidelines such as the use of masks, antibacterial gel, hand washing, continuous sanitation and above all to maintain a safe distance to prevent more chains of infection.

The director of Municipal Inspection and Verification, Cesar Abraham Heredia Rodríguez, informed that, with the epidemiological traffic light in yellow, operations have been reinforced in commercial plazas, markets, restaurants, established businesses, and street vendors located in main avenues and boulevards, and due to this, preventive measures against the coronavirus must be respected.

During the inspection, Heredia Rodríguez indicated that fines were applied to 27 stalls in different swap meets, 10 for not wearing masks and not keeping their spaces in hygienic conditions, 10 more for exceeding their dimensions, as well as for expired permits.

As for street vendors, 12 were sanctioned for having expired permits or for being out of place, as well as 14 businesses were sanctioned for lack of documentation, three of which were restaurant-bars in the Otay and Playas de Tijuana districts.

The official indicated that the operations will continue, especially in those areas that the State Health Department considers as red hot spots, due to the fact that they concentrate more active cases of coronavirus, such as the following neighborhoods: El Laurel, Maclovio Rojas, Real de San Francisco, Mariano Matamoros Norte, Abedules, Villa Fontana, Rio Tijuana Tercera Etapa, Camino Verde-Grupo Mexico, Libertad, Zona Rio, Lomas del Porvenir and Las Cumbres. They will also be on the lookout for swap meets that are set up in these neighborhoods.

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