Baja California will remain under the yellow traffic light for two more weeks

The state accumulates 55 thousand 503 positive cases and 8 thousand 919 unfortunate deaths due to COVID-19

Photo by: Laura Chamorro

The yellow coloration of the epidemiological traffic light chart for COVID-19 will continue in Baja California for the next two weeks, confirmed this Saturday by the head of the State Health Secretariat, Alonso Pérez Rico.

As of next Monday, Baja California will continue under the yellow epidemiological traffic light for the following two weeks
. In spite of being in the third wave of infections, Baja California is one of the states with the lowest number of active cases in Mexico, with 1,466, ranking 26th on this list.

However, there has been an increase in the number of infections compared to a month ago, when it had 407 active cases.

Today, only 622 of the total are located in Tijuana, while Mexicali concentrates 390, Ensenada 256, Rosarito 82, Tecate 50, San Quintin 50 and San Felipe 16.

According to Pérez Rico, most of these cases are mild, and 150 had to be hospitalized, needing 54 of them intubation, of which 52 are not immunized with an anti-COVID vaccine.

At the same time, the Secretary informed that 214 new cases were registered in the state between yesterday and today, as well as 10 unfortunate deaths. In the case of the former, 80 belong to Tijuana, 65 to Mexicali, 41 to Ensenada, 12 to Tecate, 10 to San Quintin and seven to Rosarito. Regarding the deaths, he mentioned that they correspond to 14 days ago.

According to him, they are still in the process, since " the certificates that stated that they lost the battle (for COVID-19) were recently released".

Baja California has accumulated 55 thousand 503 positive cases and 8 thousand 919 deaths due to this disease.

Currently, the Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) in the region is 1.25, which means that one person with coronavirus in this territory can infect two more, as explained by Pérez Rico on other occasions.

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