Mexicans fly to the U.S. to bypass border restrictions

Each passenger paid $270 dollars for this opportunity

It has been almost a year and a half since the United States limited the land border crossings with Mexico to essential travel only. Borderers were so used to shopping on "the other side" that they are now resorting to actions that some people might find extreme.

As reported by U.S. media outlets Telemundo, Los Angeles Times and Border Report, it is becoming increasingly common to encounter Mexican travelers who choose to board a plane to see family members living in the U.S., or simply to go shopping.

In fact, the Los Angeles Times recently reported that a group of people arrived on a private plane at Brown Field Municipal Airport located in Otay Mesa, coming from Ensenada, most of the crew members were on a single mission: to go shopping in the malls of San Diego.

Each passenger paid $270 dollars for this opportunity, a total of five passengers flew to San Diego. This service is offered from various points of the Baja California border on a weekly basis, although of course, as these times are uncertain, there is always the possibility of being denied entry.

According to the previously mentioned media, the most popular reasons to make this type of trip are shopping, visiting family members and getting one of the vaccines accepted by the United States against the coronavirus.

Currently, there are three accepted vaccines: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer. So, would you pay almost $300 dollars to cross into the United States to go shopping or get one of the vaccines?

VIDEO: U.S. extends border restrictions through September


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