Rosarito Commercial Police will disappear

Its members will be part of the City Hall's trust personnel

Rosarito's new security regulations contemplate the elimination of the Commercial Police of the municipality. Among its duties, still in force, are to watch over establishments, as well as massive events and private parties.

Miguel Ángel Moreno, councilman and president of the Public Safety Commission of the Rosarito City Council, commented that the Commercial Police will now be part of the trusted personnel of the City Hall.

The new order is practically finalized under approval and the members will soon change uniforms while awaiting their new working conditions.

The reform was proposed by the Secretariat of Citizen Security and now the payment will no longer be paid by that agency, but by the municipal government.

Although many commercial police officers are uncertain as to whether they will lose their seniority rights or other benefits acquired prior to this reform, the issue is still under analysis and the intention is to affect them as little as possible; in this way they could regularize their situation and join the municipal police force at a later date.

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