5 actions by Mayor Karla Ruiz to improve the environment in Tijuana

The Tijuana City Hall, headed by Ruiz Macfarland, began a series of activities in order to preserve the green areas of the city

The mayor of Tijuana made a commitment to the citizens to create a cleaner city with green spaces. This to improve their quality of life, but also to generate a space that is attractive to tourists, as these generate benefits for the economy of society.

Ruiz Macfarland was not even a year in the mayor's office of Tijuana, however, she made great contributions to the city, for example: under her mandate thousands of trees were planted, cleaning equipment was provided, a program for monitoring air quality was initiated, clean-up days were held and maintenance was given to the boardwalk of Playas de Tijuana.

Here we detail these 5 actions that Tijuana's mayor carried out to improve Tijuana's environment:

1. Increased green areas in Tijuana

The Tijuana City Hall, headed by Ruiz Macfarland, began on February 21st with a series of activities in order to preserve the Morelos and Amistad parks. A day of reforestation of 850 trees was organized in the nursery area of Morelos Park, and the oriental garden was reforested with 130 laurel rose bushes and 150 bushes were added to the park.

2. Delivery of cleaning equipment

The Mayor delivered cargo vehicles to the Municipal Public Services Department with the objective of improving the cleaning process in the city, this represented an important step to end the garbage problem that hasn't been solved in the past. . In her mind, Ruiz Macfarland expressed her confidence that the new team will bring the population closer to the social welfare it deserves.

3. Air Quality Monitoring

The initiative will be part of a binational project, due to the excellent relations that the Mayor of Tijuana has with the Mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria. The project consists of the installation of 50 sensors at different points in the city, which measure suspended particulate matter (PM), which will be donated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This will improve the quality of life of Tijuanans.

4. Maintenance of the Playas de Tijuana Boardwalk
This is a project that Tijuanenses and residents of Playas de Tijuana are sure to love. It will have a total investment of 6 million pesos. Parts of Tijuana' s boardwalk will be restored and green areas will be added. In addition, an automated artistic lighting project will be installed in the Arches area to make the nighttime view more attractive.

5. Clean-up days

According to Ruiz Macfarland, it is important to contribute to the care of the environment, the surroundings in which we live, so she has initiated a series of clean-up days. The most recent of these activities was carried out in collaboration with the We Love U Foundation on Saturday the 18th in the Cañon del Matadero neighborhood. A total of 22 tons of garbage was collected.

VIDEO: Karla Ruiz takes care of Tijuana's streets: she will work for a clean city


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