La Casa de la Langosta in Rosarito receives Canirac award for its exquisite cuisine

Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in the region

La Casa de la Langosta located in Rosarito welcomed October with excellent news: it was recognized in the 30th edition of the Restaurant Business Merit Award, organized by the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry (CANIRAC).

The award obtained by the Baja California restaurant was the "José Inés Loredo Award for Mexican Cuisine", which is given for quality, creativity and talent in cuisine through the identity of a region. This award was received by Susana Plascencia Díaz who was accompanied by her children and partners.

The renowned restaurant is where the Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster was invented, which is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in the region, solidifying a gastronomic identity of which all Baja Californians are proud.

This dish was created in 1956, when the fisherman José Plascencia, took some tourists fishing, at the end of a long day at sea they caught lobsters, which were prepared by Susana Díaz López de Plascencia (the fisherman's wife) who cooked the lobster in lard served with red sauce, beans, rice and butter, accompanied with the delicious flour tortillas of 30 centimeters that we all know.

After this experience with tourists, visitors from other parts of Mexico and the United States who came to Rosarito began to ask for the delicious lobsters; from there, in 1985, the now award winning "La Casa de Langosta" which has become the best experiences for visitors and locals, was founded.

La Casa de la Langosta
La Casa de la Langosta

The award ceremony was attended by 26 personalities of the gastronomic industry, as well as the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum; the National President of CANIRAC, Germán González Bernal; the lifetime President of the Restaurant Business Merit Award, Francisco Mijares, among other academics, chefs and food critics.

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