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After a winter storm, the mountainous parts of California turn white

Julian, Big Bear, and other parts of California had snow and cold weather

Photo by: Care For Big Bear Facebook / Laguna Mountain Lodge

The season for enjoying the snow in some parts of California has returned; the first winter snowfall fell in various high areas of San Diego yesterday, including Julian and Laguna Mountain, which are only 1 hour and 10 minutes apart. the International Gate of San Ysidro

According to San Diego officials, Julian's children will have a free day on Wednesday owing to the snow before returning to school on Thursday afternoon. In addition, the National Weather Service in San Diego stated that the temperature remained several degrees below zero.

On the other side, this first snowfall heralds the start of the tourist season since people like to see Julian in the snow and partake in some of the local apple pie customs.

It's worth noting that most of the establishments in Julian are outside, which, despite the cold, makes them ideal spots for a cup of coffee and a slice of their famous apple pie. In addition, there is a lovely landscape that has been partially painted white.

Similarly, the Big Bear Lake neighborhood in San Bernardino has encouraged residents to use caution on the icy roadways.

"While riding is not advised at this time, if you have to go today, please help us #CareForBigBear by driving cautiously and with tire chains. Even better, take the free San Bernardino Mountains Big Bear Trolley to help reduce traffic congestion on the roadways."

Care For Big Bear Facebook
Care For Big Bear Facebook
Laguna Mountain Lodge
Laguna Mountain Lodge

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