Covid-19 sets a new record for active cases in Baja California, with over 8,000 cases registered

There have been 101 thousand 781 positive cases since the beginning of the epidemic

According to the authorities of the Federal Health Secretariat in the Covid-19 daily technical document, the state of Baja California has broken a record in active Covid-19 cases by registering over 10,000 persons who can infect another with the fatal virus so far this year.

The Ministry of Health's Scientific Committee said that 8,491 active cases had been documented as of today's cutoff, with Baja California posting historically high levels of active Covid-19 cases, a figure never seen in previous waves of infections. past.

According to IESALUD's state head of epidemiology, Carlos Zazueta, the state is at a crucial point in the pandemic, with 1,366 new cases of Covid-19 and 13 fatalities recorded in just 24 hours. the virus's origin

Since the beginning of the pandemic till now, there have been 101,781 positive instances of the virus, of which 11,129 have succumbed to the virus, emphasizing the need of getting vaccinated to avoid a clinical picture. the disease's severity

Finally, he reminded the public that the Omicron variety infects ten individuals for every person infected, so they should continue to follow sanitary precautions to prevent the virus from spreading.

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