US has invested more than 305 million dollars in Otay II Border Crossing

It is expected that the average waiting crossing time to San Diego will be around 20 minutes

On Tuesday February 14, a meeting took place to reveal the progress regarding the new border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, also known as Otay II on the Mexican side and Otay Mesa East on the American side.

During this meeting more than 50 US and Mexican local, state, and federal representatives participated together with representatives of several Chambers of Commerce from both countries. This occurred in order to emphasize the importance of this new binational project.

This new port of entry is one of the most important projects that California has made. The US has invested more than $305 million dollars to date. This will be all worth it, it is claimed, since it will expand commercial capacities along the border region.

“This is a true binational effort and renewed symbol of the importance of our binational relation. It will reduce waiting times, increase economic efficiency, reduce emissions, and guarantee that the Cali-Baja region has the infrastructure necessary to continue its dynamic growth,” stated Ambassador Ken Salazar.

It is expected that the average waiting time will be around 20 minutes. This is not only because of the investment in infrastructure, but the one in technology that will be used in the facilities. It will have a monitoring system that will allow new lines to be opened depending on each moment’s demand.

It is expected that the new border crossing will start operations in 2024 as well as reduce waiting times for vehicles. Gas emissions will also be reduced, helping to improve air quality in the border region; improvements which will provide a direct connection with the new port of entry.

VIDEO: Governor Marina del Pilar participated in a meeting regarding Otay II Border Crossing


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