Marina del Pilar administration and Amazon will give computing training scholarships to teachers in Baja California

It is expected that teachers will transmit what they learn to their students

Photo by: Marina cumplió su promesa. En septiembre fue a Amazon y luego de cinco meses de preparación nace un esquema que cambiará la educación tecnológica en Baja California. Un gobierno de talla global.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy, in cooperation with Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, Governor of Baja California, will give scholarships to 30 teachers that are part of Higher Education State institutions so that they receive cloud computing training. This project will follow the agreements that the Governor made when she visited the main headquarters in September 2021; an agreement and a collaboration between the Government of Baja California and Amazon’s Learning Center.

The governor claimed that the purpose of this agreement is to form new talent for the future of Baja California, which is why the usage of technology in education development will be used, so that it can have a direct positive impact in the regional productive sector.

As the project launched, Marina del Pilar congratulated the academic representatives and thanked Amazon, one of the most important companies at a global level, for making such an initiative possible through a push by the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation.

AWS Academy offers Higher Education facilities a free cloud computing syllabus that prepares human talent so that they can obtain industry-renowned certificates and get hired in highly demanded cloud computing jobs.

Marina del Pilar highlighted that the knowledge learned is useful and practical to boost the workforce of Baja California, making it more attractive to investors and more open to new innovation opportunities.

It should be noted that cloud computing is what allows things such as space storage, computing resources, mobile applications, databases, among others to exist and develop.

For his part, Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales, explained that innovation is key to change a cost center to a value center, by adding technology to widen possibilities with current and future businesses.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Education, Gerardo Solís Benavides, stated that education’s challenge is to be on par with economic development, which is why this kind of linking is key to update study programs and educational resources.

Director of the National Technological School of Mexico, Mexicali campus, Alfredo Villalba Rodríguez, thanked the Baja Californian administration for adding other educational institutions such as UABC, CICESE, CETYS University, Educational Group 16 de Septiembre, Technological Institutes of Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tijuana, Polytechnic University of Baja California, Technological University of Tijuana, and University of Advanced Technologies (UNIAT).

Head of Amazon Web Services’ education programs for Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean, Alejandro Martínez and his team are working to reduce the gap between trained talent that the industry demands and the next generation of professionals of information technologies focused on cloud computing from Higher Education facilities and teachers.

He highlighted that transfers to the cloud have accelerated due to the pandemic and that organizations have began to invest in it. Both big businesses and Mipymes have been using these new technologies to keep operating. The reasons for this are their speed, saving costs, and the possibilities of expanding and serving a larger number of users.

Once the AWS Academy program is completed, selected teachers will participate in personalized tutoring to solve technical questions, and subsequently, incorporate their content in their classes.

Subsecretary of Investment Management, Rodolfo Andrade Pelayo and Subsecretary of Higher Education, Juan Gabriel Haro Beltrán were present at the event, along with representatives of the 15 institutions that will participate.

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