San Diegans mistrust Georgette Gómez after not reporting $100,000 dollars in taxes in the past

Georgette is one of the candidates for the San Diego County’s 80th Assembly District

Photo by: Georgette G. Facebook

Elections for San Diego County’s 80th Assembly District will take place next April 5th and this year there are three candidates that stand out: Georgette Gómez and David Álvarez, both Democrats, and Republican Lindon Pickard, who has been previously a candidate for this seat.

Despite this, not all candidates have a good reputation and such is the case with Georgette Gómez, who advertises herself as an environmental activist, but is also swarmed in scandals, such as when she failed to report more than $100,000 dollars in taxes. This is taking a toll on her campaign, for the general public’s distrust has been increasing against her.

In fact, in 2020 headlines in San Diego’s newspapers exploded saying that the then President of the San Diego City Council and Congress candidate, Georgette Gómez had failed to report her salary on her federal tax filings in 2017.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, there were discrepancies on her tax filings from 2017 to 2019, referring to the way that it was reported and what is publicly known about her monthly salary. The newspaper gives one example:

“…Gómez reported she earned $90,386, before expenses, to the IRS. However, in the financial disclosures she is required to file with Congress as a candidate for federal office, she reported an earned income of $112,630 — $22,244 above what she disclosed on her tax return,” (The San Diego Union Tribune, 2020).

Besides, by adding the income she failed to file in 2017, Gómez underreported $100,000 dollars to the IRS. It should be noted that the now candidate for the 80th District blamed these “errors” on the person who handles her taxes. Despite this, one can note in her posts’ comments that some citizens don’t trust her after this controversy, since nothing about it seems to have been cleared up.

District 80 is one of the most important districts in San Diego County since it encompasses the southern part of the county and includes Chula Vista, National City, and San Diego.

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