Strategies will be boosted by the government in Baja California to improve education at all levels

In association with civil society sectors, they are looking to create a first level educational model

MEXICALI.- After the return to in-person classes at all education levels of Baja California a few months ago, the Secretariat of Education considers important to strengthen the educational sector. This goes together with Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda’s current administration’s main goal of implementing strategies to improve education matters in all of the state’s school facilities.

Based on the results of basic and middle education level assessments a meeting by Secretariat of Education authorities and members of the Coalition of Social Participation in Education (COPASE) took place, to work in cooperation and continue on the path of achieving Baja California’s educational goal.

Regarding this, the Secretary of Education stated that it is important to build an education where all members of the education sector, and members and organisms of civil society participate, along with parents and committees, so that everyone together can take education to new heights.

For his part, the President Counselor of COPASE, Alfredo Posthlewaite, assured that this meeting will make a difference regarding the different education challenges facing Baja California, building along with the Secretariat of Education and involved communities, the improvement of education quality and positive coverage through a strategic plan submitted by his agency.

The outlook is heartening as long as there is synergy between all the actors involved within the education sector.

Basic and middle education assessments are meant to measure the fundamental learning processes of students. Depending on the results, certain subjects such as language, communication, math, and reading comprehension will be strengthened. Furthermore, subject contents and their alignment will be measured out so that they match each student’s education progress at all education levels.

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