Baja Californian Government offers technological development program for the young people of Mexicali

This education plan is looking to strengthen technological and socioformative skills in the Baja Californian youth

MEXICALI.- The government of Baja California, in cooperation with Educational Group 16 de Septiembre and Garage Project Hub, will implement a program in Mexicali known as “bootcamp” whose goal is to develop the technological and formative abilities and skills of Baja Californian young people. The person in charge of revealing these news was the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Honold Morales.

The official explained that a comprehensive program will be implemented with accelerated training focused on the development of human talent regarding subjects related to the needs of Baja California’s industries. It is expected that this will help the strengthening of economic activities in the region in an innovative and socially responsible manner.

The technology bootcamp is based on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning model and is meant for young people 18 years or above in Mexicali. They will develop comprehensive technological (interface programming, programming languages, and digital tools) and socioformative (leadership, communication, problem solving, critical thinking) skills, which are essential for jobs in the future.

Master classes will be given virtually and will involve local and global STEM leaders and experts in order to create relevant educational opportunities as an answer to global development and sustainability tendencies.

The program begins on May 6 and will consist of 20 hours of training in a hybrid format, 16 hours of in-person syllabus content teaching, and 4 hours of virtual master classes.

Those interested in participating for free can do so by clicking the following link: Deadline is April 29, 2022.

Lastly, Honold Morales said that the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation has an Innovation Department dedicated to bolstering programs and promoting a technological, research, linking, and integration culture so as to consolidate high impact and valuable projects that strengthen and boost the development of Baja Californian society.

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