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Progress in Otay Mesa border crossing modernization project is announced

These expansions will conclude in 2023 and will make the region’s economy grow

In an event that took place on Tuesday at the commercial Otay border crossing, better infrastructure was inaugurated in the truck inspection section at the Otay Mesa border crossing.

Representatives of the US General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) oversaw the cutting of the ribbon during the ceremony.

These enhancements will allow the number of available lanes that process commercial trucks to increase from 9 to 16, speeding up the flow of commerce between Mexico and the United States.

These remodeling plans’ main goal is to reduce traffic congestions to ease the port operations and facilities for people traveling to the US. Waiting times and vehicle emissions will also be considerably reduced, eliminating vehicular conflicts that have previously blocked commercial flow between both nations.

Juan Vargas, US representative of California’s 51st District, stated that the Otay Mesa border crossing is a fundamental part of the regional economy which is why amplifying it and modernizing it will be beneficial for both sides of the border.

Otay Mesa is one of the busiest commercial border crossings and these improvements will translate into more efficient commercial flow investments and will boost commercial processes,” he added.

The modernization and expansion project in Otay Mesa doesn’t end here, since the complete project is scheduled to be completed until 2023 to bring new improvements and contributions to the area’s infrastructure. These consist of:

  • Construction of an attached commercial building
  • Relocation of the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection(SENTRI) registration facilities
  • Relocation of commercial import processes regarding dangerous materials

Video: Otay II Border Crossing is expected to be finished in Tijuana in 2024


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