Tijuana among municipalities with the highest annual inflation in Mexico

The food sector is the most affected in the municipality

Photo by: Ariday Ortega

Inflation is something that affects everyone through different avenues from services to products that are bought daily by families and are increasingly harder to get due to high prices. A proof of this was an analysis that said that Tijuana has one of the highest annual inflation rates in Mexico.

This investigation was carried out by the Metropolitan Center of Economic and Business Information (CEMDI) that shared the general and specific inflation percentages both in Baja California and Tijuana. The general information reveals that, currently, Tijuana is fifth place nationwide, on a list of 42 Mexican municipalities, with ahigh annual percentage inflation rate of 9.02%

Miguel Valdéz, analyst and economist, as well as Karla Díaz, metropolitan analyst, both from CEMDI spoke to San Diego Red about the way in which they were able to break down this data, so important to Baja Californians and Tijuana natives, provided to them by INEGI.

They said that the most affected sector was food which showed, at the Tijuana municipal level, an increase of 13.87%. The food with the highest inflation were onions at 180.14%, limes at 102.49%, and avocado at 75.80%.

It should be noted that this data showed that some products had lower inflation and a drop in prices. The first of this was rice, which increased at 0.08% and the second was beans, which had a higher price drop at -14.93%, both being compared at a yearly level.

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