New mugging method in Otay Border Crossing surprises public

Two people approached a driver that was crossing to the US

It is not news that there is an organized crime mafia at the Otay and San Ysidro border crossings whose goal is to mug and scam thousands of the car drivers crossing daily to the US.

Although several criminal cells have been dismantled by security operations in both areas, it is true that crime continues to exist here.

The most recent case occurred at the Otay border crossing where two people, taking advantage of the low level of surveillance by authorities, put a giant rock under a vehicle to block its path. This made the driver leave the vehicle to confront them.

When he opened the car doors, one of the suspects took a bag from the passenger’s seat. Immediately, the victim pursued them and got into a fight with one of them, while the other one ran away.

This moment was spread in a video through social media where one can see this mugging. Several other drivers protested by honking and several street vendors went over to help the victim. In the end, it seems that one of the criminals was able to escape with something of value.

Due to the way the video ends, it is not known whether the municipal police was able to arrest the criminal.

Due to these events, Roberto Quijano Sosa, President of the Citizen Council of Public Security of Baja California , urged a greater level of vigilance at the Otay border crossing, which is why he will meet with José Fernando Sánchez Gonzáles, Secretary of Public Citizen Municipal Security to address this matter and establish strategic actions to solve this issue.

Watch the video right here:


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