Tijuana company promotes the use of digital channels in Mexico

Emmanuel Corona, founder of Econtact, explained that Mexico is one of WhatsApp’s main markets with more than 90 million active accounts

Recently, Optiwe and Econtact signed an agreement to make sale tools more available to small and medium-sized companies in Mexico so as to optimize and automatize processes of sales through digital channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

To find out more about this alliance, we spoke with Ezequiel Esposito, founder of Optiwe; Diego Esposito, co-founder of Optiwe; and Emmanuel Corona, founder of Econtact, who shared everything about this new initiative that is looking to promote Mexican enterprises and encourage the use of digital channels in an automatized manner for sales processes.

They stated that Optiwe Inc. is a company founded in Silicon Valley in 2020, the technological mecca of the world which has given birth to all the social media applications that we use nowadays.

The Optiwe platform offers their help in certifying and setting up WhatsApp Business API, as well as the possibility of administrating prospects, carrying out marketing campaigns, creating and setting up chatbots, and using artificial intelligence to boost sales processes in companies whose clients are the end consumers.

Thanks to this commercial alliance with Econtact, a [/b]technology and marketing company[/b], they managed to enter Mexico through Tijuana, Baja California.

We saw how Econtact was using WhatsApp and our platform in a very innovative way for their clients’ marketing solutions, which is why we proposed this commercial alliance”, Diego Esposito, Optiwe co-founder, stated.

According to Ezequiel Esposito, WhatsApp Business API and Instagram Direct were features that had only been used by big brands, but, little by little, companies such as, have helped to bring these tools to businesses of all sizes.

The experts added that there are three types of WhatsApp accounts: the personal type that we all use, the business type called WhatsApp Business, and the third type, WhatsApp Business API, with the API version being the one where one can set up chatbots, integrate prospecting systems (CRMs), and carry out mass mailing to subscribers’ list. They stated that WhatsApp API is a feature that had only been used by big brands, but, little by little, is being authorized to intermediaries so that they can verify organizations of all sizes.

Emmanuel Corona, Econtact founder, explained that Mexico is one of WhatsApp’s main markets with more than 90 million active accounts.

It has become the main one-on-one messaging platform. This means that brands not only need to have an enabled number, but a professional marketing and customer service strategy. With Optiwe, we found a solution," he explained.

Because of this, the Mexican market now has a new ally when it comes to automatized sale processes: Optiwe. The user experience through Optiwe is aimed at Latin American enterprises. Their founders are Argentinian and know the potential of the Latin American market, which is why this platform has a Spanish language option to help it expand the market and make its tools easier to use.


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