David Álvarez’s 5 priorities that will achieve real change for San Diego

Education and social justice are priorities for the 80th District candidate

David Álvarez, candidate for San Diego County 80th District Assemblymember, has a clear vision to compete in the upcoming elections: the future of San Diego citizens. The reason why Álvarez is going forward with his candidacy is because he is worried about the type of California that will be left for future generations.

Álvarez has been a member of several different organizations in San Diego, advocating proudly for the most vulnerable people, looking for economic and environmental justice for communities.

Democrat candidate David has 5 fundamental campaign proposals that will steer correctly the San Diego ship in order to win the election and help the local population.

Suspend the gas tax

Due to a lack of action in the state legislature in avoiding the price increases of San Diego’s gas, David Álvarez is proposing to suspend the gas tax in order to stop the economic ailment among the population.

For Álvarez, that 80th District residents (from Eastlake to San Ysidro) have to withstand the worst consequences of this is unobjectionable, which is why this measure will bring relief to the community.

Build a university in Chula Vista

For a few years now, the candidate has made it clear that his priority for San Diego is children’s and teenagers’ education, something that not even the pandemic could stop on the 80th District election race.

The candidate wants to retake the path of education for San Diegans with the construction of a university in Chula Vista. To make this proposal a reality, a historical investment will need to be made that allows all young people access to public education.

Helping homeless people get out of the streets

David knows that homeless shelters are not enough to help people get out of the streets, since they also need professional help that will support this vulnerable segment of the population.

High capital injections for shelters are not enough to create a transformation, mental health issues and addictions must be dealt with on this sector to achieve real change.

Dealing with and fighting crime

It is a fact that crime has increased considerably in the last few years in San Diego, with a 20% increase. For Álvarez, this has to change so that criminals face justice.

The only alternative to deal with and fighting crime is to guarantee that police departments have enough elements and resources to enforce the law.

Provide mental health services for those who need it

Lastly, mental health is one of our society’s most important issues and David Álvarez knows that providing help for those who need it the most will make the San Diego community prosper.

The state has squandered millions of dollars in California’s mental health system, but there are no verifiable results regarding these investments’ efficiency. Because of this, the candidate will be looking to intervene and fix this system so as to improve mental health services in the region.

VIDEO: David Álvarez, candidate for Assemblymember of the 80th State Assembly District


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