Marina del Pilar reaches agreement regarding programs to promote businesses in Baja California

In order to facilitate access to capital markets, small and medium-sized companies will be able to get credit

Baja California Governor, Marina del Pilar held a meeting with Antonio Ramírez Pineda, General Director of the National Finance Agency (NAFIN) in order to strengthen local companies.

As part of her commitment to promote Baja Californian entrepreneurs, several different alternatives were analyzed such as the Impulso Program that consists of a Nafin resources contribution of 13.5 to one higher of the amount that the state has in order to grant credit to small and medium-sized companies with preferential conditions.

The governor highlighted that this is a program that has begun and will improve throughout the year.

Coordination mechanisms are also being looked at in order to create greater financing flow for near shoring companies offering supplies at the border.

At the meeting, State Secretary of Finance, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexia was present. He stated that credits will be granted to local suppliers, which will be obtained from the coordination of business organizations through the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation (SEI) in Baja California.

The intention, he said, is to create added value through local industry, allowing local providers to be taken into account instead of importing products so as to achieve an authentic economic development for Baja California.

For his part, head of SEI, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, said that another project that is being worked on is to promote Baja California companies so that they have a great capacity to participate in capital markets, with support from NAFIN and the state government, improving their institutionalization process so that they are able to put debt or capital in the stock market.

The state official underscored that NAFIN also contributes to the formation of financial markets and works as fiduciary and financial agent of the government of Mexico, so as to promote innovation and improve productivity, competitiveness, job creation, and regional growth.

Marina del Pilar set up a direct work meeting with the general director of NAFIN to follow up on all of these matters.

At the event, Manuel Monárrez Macías, General Deputy Director of Suppliers of NAFIN, was also present.

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