Elephant seal in Mulegé scares off tourists in Playa El Coyote

The animal moved several feet away from the water towards the swimmers

Something is going on with marine animals who don’t seem to be in the mood anymore to stand tourists in their beaches. Yesterday it was reported that some sea lions had launched themselves towards tourists at La Jolla beach, after a woman had bothered them while they slept.

But this doesn’t end here since, on the same day and almost at the same time, a strange occurrence in Mulegé, Playa El Coyote, was reported. An elephant seal approached the seashore and slowly began to crawl in the sand, scaring off tourists who were filming the scene.

At first, it seems that the animal is dead which is why swimmers and beachgoers began to film. However, a few seconds later a woman says “It is moving!” and the seal begins to move in the sand.

While in the sand, it seems the animal had enough strength to move towards the visitors who began to run away as the giant marine animal approached. The only one who stayed put watching the scene was a boy who was watching from a safe distance.

So far, what happened to the animal isn’t known. It is believed that it came back to the sea. It should be noted that these animals have been seen in the area since March. You can see the video right here:

VIDEO: Elephant seal in Mulegé


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