Marina del Pilar administration strengthens leadership on global semiconductor industry

The governor reaffirmed her commitment to boost all economic sectors in Baja California

Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda reaffirmed her commitment to support enterprises such as Skyworks, who have been working for over 50 years in Baja California and will invest $100 million dollars in expansion plans, to maintain and strengthen their position in new projects.

While reaffirming the commitment the state administration has to transparency and respect for the rule of law, Marina del Pilar recognized the contribution of this company to the economy and jobs, as well its high level of technological output and innovation. She also highlighted the management carried out regarding incentive, talent, water treatment, and energy supply issues.

At this meeting, Reza Kasnavi, Global Vice President of Skyworks, Josep Marce, Vice President of Manufacturing in Mexicali, Luis Solis, Human Resources Director, and Karen Montemayor of Government Issues were all present. Here they highlighted that the semiconductor supply chain is a part of the High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) between Mexico and the US.

HLED promotes progress regarding economic, social, and commercial strategic priorities that are key issues to boost regional economic growth. This is why opportunities are explored to supplement supply chains’ needs in both countries, analyzing prospects to increase competitiveness, attract investment, and reduce vulnerabilities in key sectors.

The first key sector that this group is addressing is semiconductors, starting with a mapping study of the Global Value Chain of Semiconductors and relevant aspects when it comes to identifying opportunities for Mexico. Here, Baja California participates through the Secretariat of Economy and Innovation (SEI).

During this meeting, the subsecretary of SEI Management, Rodolfo Andrade Pelayo stated that semiconductors are considered a key issue which is why there was a recent participation at the Semicon West event in July that took place in San Francisco, California. There will also be an upcoming event at the Bilateral Forum organized by the Secretariat of the Federal Economy to address issues such as Mexico’s industry ecosystem, where both Skyworks and state government representation will participate.

Skyworks is an American company that is currently employing 6,500 people at their completely automated plant in Mexicali.

Semiconductors are built to be used for radio frequency applications and mobile communication systems. Their products include power amplifiers, front end modules, and radio frequency products used for mobile phones and wireless infrastructure equipment.

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