Californian dermatologist arrested for trying to poison her husband with drain cleaner

With a hidden camera, her husband was able to show evidence to the police

A dermatologist from Irvine, California has been arrested after being accused of trying to poison her husband. 45-year-old Yue “Emily” Yu was arrested after her husband for over 10 years, Jack Chen, showed evidence to the police of his suspicions that she was trying to poison him.

Irvine Police Department
Irvine Police Department

The victim had been feeling sick for a month, which is why he began to suspect his wife. After installing cameras in their home, he was able to see Yue pouring drain cleaner liquid (probably Drano) in one of her husband’s drinks in at least three different occasions.

ABC News
ABC News

With evidence, Jack went to the Irvine Police Department. Subsequently, his wife was arrested and placed in an Orange County jail. Chen immediately asked for divorce and was granted a temporary restraining order, with a hearing scheduled on August 18.

According to ABC News, Chen confessed during his restraining order petition that his wife was physically and verbally abusive against him and their two children, ages 7 and 8. . This is some of the information excerpted from the documents:

After the children were born I became concerned about Emily's behavior. Not only was she very demanding of me that I give her massages - one time when I could not because I was sick she stepped on my head until I did - and also began hiding money from me.
Emily often uses sleep deprivation to punish (the children). When the kids fall asleep without her permission, even if after 11:00 p.m., she would wake them up, demand that (they) go to her room, shut the door and make them cry.
When Emily gets frustrated and yells at the children she'll commonly use a Chinese phrase that translates to "go die!" She also says to the children "your head has a problem" "your head is sick" "go (expletive) yourself" "(expletive) idiot" "stupid (expletive) " and "get the (expletive) out of my way.

It should be noted that Jack suffered internal injuries due to consuming drain cleaner chemicals with his lemonade. These injuries include two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and esophagitis. Thankfully, he is expected to recover.

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