Marina del Pilar and entrepreneurs agree to make Valle de Guadalupe a world benchmark

“At Valle de Guadalupe, we have high-profile and responsible tourism that generates a very productive economic revenue in all aspects.”

The President of Entrepreneurs of Valle de Guadalupe (EDVG) has spoken about his meeting with Governor Marina del Pilar, as well as most of her cabinet, where they found unique coincidences and parallel visions to make the valley’s Wine Route grow and position itself as a world tourism benchmark in Baja California.

“We had a highly productive meeting with Governor Marina del Pilar and her secretariats. The most important thing to note is that we coincide greatly in our visions. We recognize the need for sustainable and maintainable industries, so that they put us on track for a harvest that in the next 10, 20, and 50 years will allow us to reap a productive Valle de Guadalupe for future generations,” he said.

Estudillo Bernal stated that EDVG will organize follow up meetings with the state governor and secretariats in order to boost specific actions alongside the more than 200 partners of the winemaking, agricultural, gastronomic, lodging, transportation, real estate, nature, and art industries.

"At Valle de Guadalupe, we have high-profile and responsible tourism that generates a very productive economic revenue in all aspects, including taxes, and it is an important source of job creations", he said.

He explained that visitors and tourists have become the best promoters of Baja California, Ensenada, and Valle de Guadalupe, capitalizing beyond the borders, our wines, and gastronomy, our sea products and the fields, and the hospitality of our people.

The EDVG president stated that the governor understood that they are a responsible and generous group of companies with three delegations involved with the community, public utilities, training, recycling, sanitation, and all issues related to garbage collecting. They have all done their part, helping the three levels of government.

He stated that the state governor thanked the efforts of Entrepreneurs of Valle de Guadalupe for betting on, investing, adding, and supporting issues that are necessary to solve such as potholes. More than 700,000 pesos were invested from this civil association and were added to the work already carried out by the state and federal government, offering better roads for everyone.

“At EDVG, we want early morning activities at Valle de Guadalupe. We promote planting vines in every project and the growth of these planted hectares. We say no to pollution and say no to disorderly growth. We are a group with no political interest, just gratitude and commitment with the area,” he said.

“During the meeting, we asked the governor to strengthen strategies to guarantee water supply for people and the agricultural sector, as well as for commercial use. We addressed the security issue, wanting to help with all of our efforts. We asked for better signs, roads, and public transportation, the need for childcare centers, and the expansion of health, sport, and art services for young people,” he also stated.

Estudillo Bernal highlighted that he let Marina del Pilar know that EDVG doesn’t support activities that go against the Valle’s natural industries, which is why their approach will be to collaborate, add, and achieve clear and proper goals with clear set times. All of this through an agenda that will be established with the secretariats of the state government which will give the Valle more sustainable and maintainable growth.

“It gives us a lot of confidence and excites us very much that our governor has the conviction to keep her ties with the great team of Entrepreneurs of Valle de Guadalupe. We will be part of this effort to strengthen and addressing the needs of the ejidos, of native people, of our local community. With that, we can ensure that the valley’s projection ends up transforming every day into unique and memorable experiences for all visitors and tourists,” he concluded.

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