Marina del Pilar promotes presence of women in the industrial sector

The governor highlighted the value that working women have as one of the main pillars of the economic development of Baja California

Governor Marina del Pilar participated in the Second National Congress of Industrial Women by the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry, where she gave the inauguration conference, reiterating her commitment in promoting the participation of women in all aspects of public life of Baja California. It should be noted that the state was the event’s venue of the leaders of Mexican industries.

Marina del Pilar acknowledged the road that women have taken to overcome their limits, especially those who take decisions and strengthen the productive sector, which is why she considered that the Congress is an important and enriching experience where proposals, projects, and ideas can be shared by professionals of the binational region.

The state governor pointed out that Baja California is an ideal land for entrepreneurship thanks to the work by thousands of women who play an essential role in the development of companies and generating wealth. This is why the governor advised women who work in the industry to make their goals a reality and share ideas to strengthen and move forward.

Ávila Olmeda underscored that women who work in the industry have the capacity of paving the way and motivating young girls, women, and university students to elevate their goals and horizons so that they can face greater challenges in several professional fields.

As part of her participation, the governor presented her own conference which inaugurated the event called “Baja California. Los Retos de una Gobernadora” (Challenges of a Female Governor), where she spoke about her experiences as a woman in politics, as well as information about her personal and professional path, which could help as an example for Baja Californian women.

At the inauguration of this Congress the following people were present: president of the National CANACINTRA Tijuana Delegation, Mariana Montalvo Martino; National President of CANACINTRA, José Antonio Centeno Reyes; CANACINTRA Tijuana leader, Jorge Figueroa Barrozo, and the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales.

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