Mexico, world leader in dental tourism: Baja California is one of the main destinations

The state of Baja California is one of the main places that benefits from high medical tourism demand

For some time, Mexico has been one of the main health-related tourist destinations in the world. Several factors facilitate that, year after year, the number of visitors increases in the country that wish to receive treatment. One of things that visitors are most concerned about is their oral health.

Several factors make this possible. One of them is them is Mexico’s geographical positions. It being so close to the United States makes it easier for a great number of American patients to get treatment in Mexican clinics. The reason is simple: costs in the United States are way higher than in Mexico. Approximately, tourists save from 40% to 80% when they get treated here.

Another thing, perhaps more important than costs, is the quality of Mexican clinics, that have experience and the necessary equipment to meet patients’ demands. Without a quality service, no matter how affordable prices are, it would be difficult for the country to receive a great number of visitors.

Among the most visited Mexican states, Baja California, and the city of Tijuana in particular, is among them. This fact shouldn’t be a surprise since there is a direct economic relation with the United States, causing that a great number of Americans and residents form other countries come to this border city looking to schedule an appointment.

Mexico has become the number one country worldwide when it comes to dental tourism. Northern states such as Sonora, Nuevo Leon, and Baja California have excelled in this area, which has increased economic revenue in these states.

According to studies carried out by consultancy firm Deloitte, tourist flow in Mexico is growing 33.7%. According to data by the Secretariat of the Interior, approximately 3 million patients from different countries visit the country looking mainly for oral and aesthetic treatments.

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