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Medical Fast Lane opens at Otay Port of Entry in Tijuana

The creation of this fast lane at the Otay port of entry includes a booth and a QR code-automated crane

Last September 14 it was revealed that the new fast lane line would be opened at the Otay border crossing, according to the Director of Medical Health Clúster, Rodrigo Robledo Silva. He also claimed that this would begin a new stage for border crossings.

This new stage has as a goal to reduce waiting times for those who are crossing for medical or business tourism reasons. He added that this will benefit and help to promote consultation offices, clinics, and hospitals that are located in Otay and eastern Tijuana.

The fast lane at the Otay port of entry has already been inaugurated and includes a booth and an automated crane that will elevate by itself every time the user shows a QR code.

The project is joining the expansion and modernization at the Otay port of entry announced on Monday, September 12. It should be noted that this is a work by US Customs and Border Protection, while the fast lane is being done by the Mexican government.

Both projects have as an objective to streamline border crossings and reducing waiting times at the port of entry. The estimated deadline for this project is spring 2023, according to CBP through an official statement on their website.

It should be noted that the Otay II Port of Entry is on its way, but it is expected to be concluded until 2024.

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