Motorcycle lane at Otay Port of Entry in Tijuana is reactivated

This was shared on a Facebook group

Photo by: Angel Ramirez on Facebook & Archivo SDR

Long lines to cross into the United States from Tijuana are not something new, as both Tijuana natives and San Diego residents are used to this daily mayhem, whether they are looking to go “to the other side” or because they see these long lines while driving on the Vía Rápida.

Something that many drivers complain about regarding these lines is motorcycle riders. They don’t usually have to get in line and can directly go all the way to the booths to speak with the immigration officers. However, a post by Facebook group “Cómo está la línea” surprised everyone.

On this post, they shared a photo where one can see a long motorcycle line of riders that wanted to get into the United States at the Otay Mesa port of entry. One can see that there are at least 15 motorcycles in line waiting to cross, with some even preferring to wait standing up.

Several points of view can be seen in this post’s comments. Most of them think that this is some sort of karma or justice for motorcycle riders, since they tend to mock car drivers who often have to queue up for several hours as bike riders often don’t have to get in line. On the other hand, some motorcycle drivers claimed that these hateful comments were of people jealous of the fact that their vehicles did not allow them to avoid these long waiting times.

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