UABC student participates in Paris Fashion Week 2022 with innovative technological design

The industrial design student and fashion designer Eddie Corps participated together in Paris with an innovative dress

Carlos Manuel Reyna Álvarez, student at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, participated in Paris Fashion Week which took place at the Embassy of Romania in Paris, France.

The project created by this student of the Engineering and Technology Faculty at Valle de las Palmas, in collaboration with Tijuana fashion designer, Eddie Corps, consisted of creating a dress with robotic technology, according to an idea with innovative materials for the prototyping of interactive electronics, whose perspective was thought of so that the own user considers its utility and function within their own appearance.

Clutch Magazine mentioned that this product presented by Tijuana natives is an impressive white dress, which was embroidered by hand, with robotic technology designed and assembled by Manuel Reyna, under the instructions of teacher Alejandro Murga in UABC.

The participation of designers has as a goal to show the collective work between the industry sector and the fashion industry, where multidisciplinary areas can complement each other through world events. Its cultural transcendence is invaluable.

Teacher Alejandro Daniel Murga González, Coordinator of Extension and Linking at FCITEC, was the one in charge of the academic linking and formation.

Creations were presented in the collection Corps De Tj Prêt-à-porter, SS 23. You can check out more about this project here: Clutch Magazine

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