Marina del Pilar inaugurates the Viniculture Study Center of Baja California

The governor highlighted the winemaking industry of Baja California, as well as the participation of the government and the education, scientific, and business sectors

Marina del Pilar highlighted Baja California’s winemaking industry which has developed at an accelerated rate in the last 30 years. There were 5 wineries in 1990 and there are now 160 in the state.

In presence of CETYS System dean, Fernando León Luna and Luigi Moio, President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), Ávila Olmeda praised the efforts of this education institution to strengthen this important productive industry.

“The scientific knowledge and the professionalization offered by this studies center will allow us to anticipate and plan this growth, boost it in an organized and sustainable manner, while respecting the agricultural business of our valleys, and creating a more just and equitable distribution of this industry’s boom,” she claimed.

She also said that it is exciting and inspiring to see the birth of this institution, as it demonstrates that Baja California boosts economic development and promotion while working together with science and the state’s education.

It is, she said, the first institution of its kind in Mexico and she rated Ensenada as one of the most beautiful municipalities of our country. Thanks to the harmony of its soil and its unique climate, along with the work of thousands of men and women, it has given the world a flagship product.

“Today we are making history because this is the first and only center in Mexico dedicated to research vine and wine with a vision and a joint effort between the government and the business sector,” she stated.

She claimed that, with this action, a viticulture seed has been planted for the world of tomorrow. She then thanked and recognized CONACYT and CETYS for leading this project, promoted by the Secretariat of Economic Development and Innovation which will herald a before and after for the wine industry of Baja California and Mexico.

“We also express our gratitude to the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), to the Educational Institute of the Northwest, and of course, to the Municipal Administration of Ensenada,” she said.

Now, she pointed out, in CETYS classrooms the winemakers, oenologists, researchers, scientists, businesspeople, wine tourism promoters, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be taught and consolidate the future of this great industry.

She added that in these changing and dynamic times it is necessary for the government to act as a bridge and establish a real and constant link between educational private and public institutions with the productive sector.

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