Incredible video of the moon is filmed by telescope in Tijuana

Saturn and Jupiter are also visible

Photo by: Víctor Roque on Pexels & El Petas

We all know that Tijuana has several attractions, among which there are its incredible views of the sea from the city that have enchanted many tourists and residents whenever they have visited restaurants, establishments, or even their homes. However, something that a lot of people usually don’t notice is the beautiful view of celestial bodies at night, which can be noticed to an even greater degree when the sky is clear.

A man in Tijuana shared the view from his telescope and on his Facebook page "El petas" he shared an incredible video of the moon from a unique perspective in this border city.

His video was a live broadcast, that lasted a little bit over an hour, where he showed the moon as well as close-ups of several areas where one can see craters, bulging zones, and the marks of this natural satellite which helps to light up the night sky all over the world.

Before ending his video, some shots of the planets Jupiter and Saturn were also shared. Though it was said that they looked a little bit blurry due to the fog, one can distinguish Saturn’s rings as well as the Jupiter moons.

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