A few hours before Christmas Eve, Tijuana natives clean out Costco’s bread rolls

It is very normal for bread rolls to sell quickly in this border city during the holidays

During the morning of Friday, December 23, some Tijuana natives reported long lines at Costco Zona Río and Vía Rápida, located in Tijuana. The reason? They were buying their famous bread rolls.

It is very common, during Christmas season, that Costco’s buns and chocolate flan desserts sell like hotcakes among Tijuana natives, which is why the company has established the schedules of when they can be sold.

We have some bad news for anyone who was planning on buying them this afternoon as, since 1 PM on Friday, December 23, there are no more bread rolls available at the Zona Río branch.

It is expected that, starting tomorrow Saturday, December 24, the buns' sales begin once again as they are one of the most popular breads in Tijuana.

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